In Course Scholarship Program of McGill University

In Course Scholarship Program of McGill University is an undergraduate scholarship program. Not all the undergraduate students can participate in this program. Undergraduate students who are enrolled in McGill University and attending undergraduate classes as full time student can apply for this scholarhsip.

How to get a scholarship-scholarshipcare

Benefit of this Scholarship:

This scholarhsip award totally depends on the faculty scholarhsip committee. That is why the benefit of this scholarhsip varies from faculty to faculty. How much will be given, what are the benefits will be and how the award will be given thus depends on in which faculty you are into. However, the most common benefits of this scholarhsip are:

  1. Tuition fee weaver up to 100%
  2. Direct financial support
  3. Research cost support


To be considered as eligible for this scholarhsip, there are several things to keep in mind. The eligibility of this scholarhsip is:

Eligibility of In Course Scholarship of Mcgill Univeristy How to Apply:

No different application form is needed for this undergraduate scholarship. When a student is eligible for this scholarhsip, the scholarship committee will invite the student for this scholarhsip award. Depending on different faculty, the process might be different. But the main thing is same. To achieve this scholarhsip, all a student needs to do is to get admitted in the McGill University and be eligible for this scholarhsip.

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