IMD MBA Future Leaders Scholarships


The scholarship is given to applicants pursuing an MBA degree ad IMD and who demonstrate leadership qualities.

 Scholarship Provider:

IMD Switzerland

 Area of Study:

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

 Benefits of this Scholarship:

The value of the initiative is approximately CHF 30,000


Applicants who show strong leadership qualities will be considered and who have been offered a place in the MBA program of IMD.

 How to Apply:

The application process is as follows:

  1. Obtained a place in the MBA program of the institute.
  2. Write a 750 word essay on the topic of: “It has been said that success in business requires flexibility to be responsive, but also commitment to a recognized set of values. Discuss using your personal and professional experience.”
  3. Fill up the financial aid application form and submit this with the above essay complying the IMD MBA Scholarship Template before the due date of 30 September. Please see the link below for more detailed instructions.