IDB Scholarships

Deadline: 31 December
Scholarship in: IDB or Home Country
Scholarship for: Bachelor Degree

This scholarship is for meritorious but financially insolvent students who may stop education before entering bachelor degree program because of financial crisis. This scholarship is funded by IDB and for students who will get admitted into Bachelor Degree programs. This scholarship is not country specific. Students can get enroll in any university either in home country or abroad with this scholarship.

Scholarship For:

This scholarship is for Bachelor of Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture and other fields related disciplines.

Benefits of this Scholarship:

This scholarship covers the following costs:

  1. Full educational expenses
  2. Health related cost
  3. Living cost and
  4. Travel cost

Who Can Apply?

To apply for this scholarship, applicant must demonstrate the following criteria.

  1. Candidate must be 24 years old or above
  2. Must be eligible to get admitted in bachelor degree program
  3. Must have not received any other scholarship
  4. Must be in financial need and
  5. Candidate must be from any of these country: Country List

How to Apply?

To apply for this country, please visit the official page of this scholarship. Click on the link below to go to the official application page.

Apply For Scholarship (Click Here to Apply)


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