ICS Fully Funded PhD Scholarship in Netherlands

Deadline: May 10

Scholarship in Netherlands

PhD Scholarship / Scholarship for PhD Program

This is a PhD Scholarship. Students who want to attend PhD program in Netherlands, can apply for this scholarship. It is not only an scholarship opportunity but also an amazing opportunity to study and live in Netherlands. If you want to study in Netherlands, and if you are about to start your PhD program, then this scholarship is an excellent opportunity for you.

This scholarship is organized by The Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology (ICS).The Interuniversity Center for Social Science Theory and Methodology (ICS) is one of the top Research Centers and Graduate School in the Social Sciences located in the Netherlands.

Amount of Scholarship:

The amount of this scholarship is approximately  €2400 per year. It is extendable up to 4 years.

  1.  €2400 per year (Up to four years)

Who Can Apply for this Scholarship?

To apply for this scholarship, applicant must have to meet the following eligibility criteria –

  1. Must have to have excellent academic background
  2. Must have to have graduated from Sociology, Psychology, Educational Sciences, Economics, Mathematics, Statistics or related disciplines.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirement: Applicants much have master’s degree.

Test Requirement: No

English Language Requirement: Students need to demonstrate that they have a good level of written and spoken English.

How to Apply for this Scholarship?

To apply for this scholarship, follow the instructions –

  1. And a scholarship application in Email boyd
  2. In the subject, write – ‘Application for ICS Fully-Funded PhD Scholarships’
  3. Now attach all of the academic certificates
  4. Finally send the email at – ICSapplications.fsw@uu.nl

This is how you can apply for this scholarship easily.

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