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Honors Scholarship of University of Sydney

Students like to get a Bachelor’s degree. Almost 90% students are not interested in honors degree. Bachelors of Science, Bachelors of Business Administration are more attractive to the students. However, still there are students who are interested in Honors Degree. Those who are interested in Honors degree and want to study in University of Sydney to achieve that Honors degree can apply for the scholarship known as Honors Scholarship for Future Students of University of Sydney. Honors Scholarship of University of Sydney offers once a year. So, if any student misses the scholarship competition for, he/she has to wait for one more year to participate in the scholarship program again. There are several things that must be noticed before applying for this scholarship. The first thing is, applicant must be sure whether his/her course is actual honors course or extended honors course. In University of Sydney, there are opportunities to earn an honors degree after completing Bachelor’s Degree by taking a one year extra education. If student is enrolled in such kind of course where there is no chance to extend it to honors degree, then this scholarship is not for them.

Benefit of Honors Scholarship of University of Sydney:

The winner of Honors Scholarship of University of Sydney will enjoy a full free tuition fee for one year. And the winner students will be awarded with $6000. So, the benefit of Honors Scholarship are:

  1. Full free tuition fees for 1 year
  2. $6000 prize money


There are certain eligibility that student must be comply with to compete in this scholarship program. The first eligibility is stude3nt must be a student of honors degree program.  Students from others education degree programs are not allowed to participate in Honors Scholarship program. Those students, who are excellent in their academic career, possess leadership power and dedicated to social community and voluntary activates are preferred for this scholarship. So the eligibility are:

  1. Must be an Honors Degree Program student
  2. Must possess leadership power
  3. Outstanding academic achievement and
  4. Dedicated to social voluntary activities.

How to Apply:

The application process starts with submitting academic transcript, SAT or IELTS score and a statement of purpose (SOP). Actually these are required for getting admitted in University. While you are applying for admission in University of Sydney, you’ll be asked whether you are interested in scholarship program or not. If you are interested, you have to highlight it in your application form. After verifying your eligibility, University Scholarship Committee will contact with you if you are selected. This is the first selection. Now you have to submit your records of extra-curricular activities, social voluntary community work and outstanding achievement of academic activities. Once it is done, you’ll be asked to sit down for an oral test. If you can do well in that test, you’ll be awarded with the scholarship.