Homecoming Royalty Scholarship of University of Washington

Anyone, who is student of University of Washington, can compete for this scholarship. Every year, a few students are awarded with this rare honor. Bachelor’s degree, honor’s degree, master’s degree, PhD degree etc all level student can participate in this scholarship scheme.

Value of the Scholarship:

As only a few students get this scholarship, it is a very prestigious award. This is the most attractive part of this award. The prize value this scholarship is $1000 in every month.

There is no specific eligibility. But student must survive and make a place with the competitor

How to Apply:

  1. Once you are admitted in University of Washington, apply for this scholarship.
  2. If you are selected, then you’ll be called for an interview.
  3. If you pass the interview successfully, you’ll be awarded with the scholarship.

This is how you can apply for this scholarship.

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A scholarship application doesn’t grantee that it will be awarded. Scholarship competition is highly competitive. Because of large number of students and participants it is always difficult to arrange financial aid, college grants of scholarship. Higher studies is essential for career. To get a good job a degree from reputed university is necessary. Sometimes it is essential to build a successful career. Jobs in multinational companies and famous organizations like jobs in Microsoft corporation, google, yahoo, At&T, sprint, Apple etc requires a higher education degree from reputed university of the wold like Harvard University, MIT and Stanford. However, these universities are very expensive. To earn a degree from these universities student have to pay a lot. Bachelor degree, Masters degree or PhD degree, anyone is expensive. That is why scholarship competition is so tough. There are many meritorious students who cannot afford bachelor degree. So they try their best for undergraduate scholarship and make it harder to earn.

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