Henrik Göransson’s Sandviken Scholarship

The Scholarship is provided by the foundation of Henrik Göransson’s .The purpose of this Scholarship is to provide assistance to the students and facilitate them for their studies.

Benefits Of The Scholarship

  • The tuition fees will be waived after 3year study
  • The Tuition fees will be waived till Master’s program

Eligibility And Criteria

  • Students Have to study in KTH at least for 3year
  • Have to achieve very good results
  • Prior results will also be count
  • The average grade have to be at least 4.50 to get the scholarship
  • Those who have applied for other scholarship can not apply to this particular scholarship
  • you must have passed all obligatory courses in study years 1 and 2 before the end of August in the preceding academic year

How To Apply

  • First complete the 1 and 2 year study in KTH
  • First take the scholarship form and fill it
  • Write a letter why you should get the scholarship and submit it ti Finance office of KTH


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