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Hennes Scholarship of University of Washington

Hennes Scholarship is a scholarship scheme of University of Washington. Students who are excellent in academic activates and active participant in Students Community can apply for this scholarship. However, there are some limitation of this scholarship. BSc students are not eligible for this scholarship. So as the MSc students. Students doing M.Phil or PhD cannot participate in this program too. This scholarship program is only for Honor’s student. Hennes Scholarship was funded by Dr. Ran Hennes. He was a mentor, a role model and mostly a very respectable person in University of Washington. He was a professor of History Department. To help the college students, Dr. Ran Hennes funded this scholarship for Honor’s students only.

Value of the Scholarship:

Hennes Scholarship is a valuable scholarship. The prize money of this scholarship is $5000. It is obviously a huge amount of money. But that’s not all. This scholarship includes other academic expenses too. In short, the value of the scholarship is:

  1. $5000 prize money as tuition fee
  2. Other academic expenses


  1. Only College Honors students are eligible for this scholarship
  2. New student and senior student, both are eligible for it

How to Apply:

To apply for this scholarship, first of all student needs to be eligible. An eligible student can apply for this scholarship online using the official student support website of the university. To apply for this scholarship, click on the link below:

Scholarship Application 

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