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Federal Scholarship of MIT

Federal Scholarship is basically a grant program. It is awarded with the MIT Scholarships. Sometimes , it seems that the financial aid awarded to the student is not covering the entire need of the student. But financial aid fund is limited. That is why Federal Scholarship is awarded.

Benefit of Federal Scholarship:

The benefit of Federal Scholarship is money. Winner students are awarded with an amount of money. The duration of this scholarhsip is one year and it is not automatically renewed. Every year, students have to apply for this scholarship.

  • $400 to $5500 per year. (Amount depends on need of the student)
  • Additional $4000 per year for the student with more need

Am I Eligible?

Every undergraduate student is eligible for this scholarship. However, student must be in need of financial help.

How to Apply:

Separate application form is not needed for this scholarhsip. Students who have applied for financial aid, are automatically considered as candidates of this scholarship. There two different application sections. One is for US students and other is for International Students.

US Student Application Area

International Student Application Area

Click on the link and you’ll be redirected to the instruction page of the MIT Financial Aid Website. Follow the instruction provided there to apply.

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