Entrance Scholarship Program of McGill University

McGill University welcomes its students in many ways. Entrance Scholarship is one of those ways. It is a merit based scholarhsip program. Students who are entering in McGill University are the candidates for this scholarhsip. This scholarhsip is divided into two sections. They are:

  • One Year Scholarship
  • Major Entrance Scholarship

Entrance Scholarhsip of McGill Univeristy

Benefits of this Scholarship:

The one year scholarhsip is a non-renewable scholarhsip, paid as cash of $3,000. The major entrance scholarship is renewable. The amount of this scholarship varies based on the merit level of the winner students. The scholarhsip starts at $3,000. But the highest amount is $10,000. So, the benefits of Entrance Scholarship of McGill University are:

  1. One Year Scholarship : $3,000
  2. Major Entrance Scholarship: $3000, $5000 or $10,000


The eligibility for these two scholarship programs is simple. Student must be:

  1. Undergraduate Student
  2. First time university student
  3. Full time student

and student must meet the following requirements:

Minimum Requirements for One Year Scholarship and Major Entrance Scholarship:

Entrance Scholarship Requirements of McGill University


If you meet this requirements, then you are eligible for both of this scholarships.

How to Apply:

Application process for this two different scholarships are different. For One Year Scholarship, there is no need of any application. Every admission test taker is considered as applicant of this scholarhsip. If a admission test taker student meet the minimum requirements, he/she will be awarded with this scholarhsip.

For Major Entrance Scholarship a different application form is required. The application process is a series of steps. The university website has described it in a very easy manner. That is why, we are not providing the details. Just click on the link below. You’ll be redirected to the step by step application process section:

Step by Step Application Process

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