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Engineering Excellence Scholarship of Monash University

Monash University is devoted to spread the knowledge of higher education throughout the world. Almost 70 of the world population is living in poverty. They hardly can live by their earning. Higher education is just a dream to those people. Although extreme hardship of life, there are many extra-ordinary geniuses among those people who are capable of making a difference to mankind. Who are capable of keeping their milestone to the development of science and technology. For these kind of meritorious students, Monash University has a special scheme of scholarship. That is Engineering Excellence Scholarship. This scholarship is only for students who are about to enroll in any of the engineering program of Monash University. Of course to earn this scholarship the applicant must be outstanding performer in academic discipline. To make a distinguish between other students and engineering department students, this scheme has designed. Where only Bachelor of Science of any Engineering Degree’s student is eligible to apply.

Benefits pf Engineering Excellence Scholarship:

The benefits of Engineering Excellence Scholarship of Monash University comes only in terms of money. There is no other benefit except money. The amount to be paid as scholarship is $24,000 in 4 years. Every year the student, who will earn this scholarship, will receive $6,000 in cash. To retain the scholarship, the scholar must secure 70% marks in every course. In summary:

  • $24,000 in four years

This scholarship is devoted to engineering students only. However, students who are eager to enroll in Monash University in some engineering program, of course they can apply for other scholarship schemes. Other schemes are not restricted. But this scholarship program is restricted. However, for engineering program’s student, this restriction works as a gift.


To be considered as eligible student must fulfill the following criteria.

  1. Both national and international students are eligible for this scholarship.
  2. Academic background of the student must be equivalent to Australian 12 years education system.
  3. Minimum ATAR of 98.00
  4. Must apply for Engineering program

When a student meet the criteria described above, he is considered as eligible to apply for Engineering Excellence Scholarship.

How to apply:

To apply for Engineering Excellence Scholarship, applicant doesn’t need to apply separately. To make it easy and simple, there is separate monitoring system, as a part of admission system of Monash University, which monitors the scholarship eligibility of the applicant. If a student is eligible for a particular type of scholarship scheme, then he is considered as a participant for the scholarship. No separate application process or formalities are required for application of Engineering Excellence Scholarship.

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