Eligibility of ACER International Student Scholarship

Decision of study abroad is a good decision for your career if you are from a developing country. The education quality of developing country is not perfect. If the education quality of developing country is compared with the US standard, it will be a total waste of your money and time to complete your higher studies like undergraduate education degree program, graduate education degree program of PhD program from these low class universities. University education quality of US, Canada, Australia are hundred times better than the universities of developing countries. That is why, if you can earn your degree from universities of these countries, you’ll find you value at the maximum level at job market. But higher education in abroad is very expensive for the students of developing countries. If you want to study in Australia, then ACER International Student Scholarship can help you.

The prize money of this scholarhsip is $50,000, which is enough to cover all the tuition fees and education cost. Check whether you are eligible for this scholarhsip or not.

Eligibility Check:

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