Douglas College Scholarship in Canada

Deadline January 31 /  May 31 / September 30

Scholarship in Canada

Scholarship for Undergraduate Program / Bachelor Degree  Scholarship

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Amount of Scholarship:

Douglas College offers nearly $100,000 in entrance scholarships.

  • Regional Entrance Awards: $500 or $1000
  • Douglas International Merit-Based Scholarships: $2500 (13 available)

How to Apply for this Scholarship?

 Regional Entrance Awards: 
  • Available to students from CIS countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan), Europe, Latin America, Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia.
  • To be eligible, students must have applied to Douglas College by the official semester application deadline listed below.
  • The scholarship will be applied towards the recipient’s 2nd-semester tuition fees at Douglas College.

Douglas International Merit-Based Scholarships:

  • To be considered, students must have already applied to Douglas College.
  • Students are selected based on their previous academic performance and their engagement in their school, community and/or personal development.
  • Students from all countries are eligible for these scholarships.
  • Successful recipients will be notified of their award prior to arrival at Douglas College. The scholarship will be applied towards the recipient’s 2nd-semester tuition fees at Douglas College.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirement: Applicants must have previous degree.

Test Requirement: Successful recipients typically have an above average GPA (80% or higher) and strong English language proficiency test scores (i.e. IELTS 7.0 and above, or equivalent).

English Language Requirement: All international applicants for whom English is not the native tongue must provide proof of competence in the English language.

Application Procedure:

  • Regional Entrance Awards: No separate application necessary. Students will automatically be assessed upon application to Douglas College, and will be notified of this award when we send an offer of admission.
  • Douglas International Merit-Based Scholarships: Separate application required. Applicants must complete the entrance scholarship form (PDF) by the below deadline and email along with all supporting documents to To be considered, students must have already applied to Douglas College.

Application Form

Scholarship Link


Do you want to study in Imperial College London. Imperial College London is in 27th position in world ranking. Here are the programs normally offered by Imperial College London-

Undergraduate Programs
Aeronautical Engineering MEng
Aeronautical Engineering with a Year Abroad MEng
Aerospace Materials MEng
Biochemistry BSc
Biochemistry with a Year in Industry/Research BSc
Biochemistry with French for Science  BSc
Biochemistry with German for Science BSc
Biochemistry with Management and a Year in Industry/Research BSc
Biochemistry with Management BSc
Biochemistry with Management BSc
Biochemistry with Management with a Year in Industry/Research BSc
Biochemistry with Research Abroad BSc
Biochemistry with Spanish for Science BSc
Biology BSc
Biology with a Year in Europe BSc
Biology with a Year in Industry/Research BSc
Biology with French for Science BSc
Biology with German for Science BSc
Biology with Management and a Year in Industry/Research BSc
Biology with Management BSc
Biology with Management BSc
Biology with Management with a Year in Industry/Research BSc
Biology with Spanish for Science BSc
Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering MEng
Biomedical Engineering BEng
Biomedical Engineering MEng
Biomedical Sciences BSc
Biomedical Sciences with Management BSc
Biotechnology BSc
Biotechnology with a Year in Industry/Research BSc
Biotechnology with French for Science BSc
Biotechnology with German for ScienceBSc
Biotechnology with Management BSc
Biotechnology with Management with a Year in Industry/Research BSc
Biotechnology with Research Abroad BSc
Biotechnology with Spanish for ScienceBSc
Chemical Engineering MEng
Chemical Engineering with a Year Abroad MEng
Chemical with Nuclear Engineering MEng
Chemistry and Management BSc
Chemistry BSc
Chemistry MSci
Chemistry with a Year in Industry MSci
Chemistry with French for Science MSci
Chemistry with German for Science MSci
Chemistry with Management and a Year in Industry BSc
Chemistry with Management BSc
Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry and a Year in Industry MSci
Chemistry with Medicinal Chemistry MSci
Chemistry with Molecular Physics and a Year in Industry MSci
Chemistry with Molecular Physics MSci
Chemistry with Research Abroad and a Year in Industry MSci
Chemistry with Research Abroad MSci
Chemistry with Spanish for Science MSci
Civil Engineering MEng
Civil Engineering with a Year Abroad MEng
Computing (Artificial Intelligence) MEng
Computing (Computation in Biology and Medicine) MEng
Computing (Games, Vision and Interaction) MEng
Computing (International Programme of Study) MEng
Computing (Software Engineering) MEng
Computing BEng
Computing MEng
Ecology and Environmental Biology BSc
Electrical & Electronic Engineering BEng
Electrical & Electronic Engineering MEng
Electrical & Electronic Engineering with a Year Abroad MEng
Electrical & Electronic Engineering with Management MEng
Environmental Geoscience MSci
Geology and Geophysics MSci
Geology BSc
Geology MSci
Geology with a Year Abroad MSci
Geophysics BSc
Geophysics MSci
Geophysics with a Year Abroad MSci
Information Systems Engineering BEng
Information Systems Engineering MEng
Information Systems Engineering with a Year Abroad MEng
Materials Science and Engineering BEng
Materials Science and Engineering MEng
Materials with a Year Abroad BEng
Materials with Management BEng
Materials with Nuclear Engineering MEng
Mathematics (Pure Mathematics) BSc
Mathematics and Computer Science BSc
Mathematics and Computer Science MSci
Mathematics BSc
Mathematics MSci
Mathematics with a Year in Europe BSc
Mathematics with a Year in Europe MSci
Mathematics with Applied Mathematics/Mathematical Physics BSc
Mathematics with Mathematical Computation BSc
Mathematics with Statistics BSc
Mathematics with Statistics for Finance BSc
Mathematics, Optimisation and Statistics BSc
Mechanical Engineering MEng
Mechanical Engineering with a Year Abroad MEng
Mechanical with Nuclear Engineering MEng
Medicine (Graduate Entry) MBBS
Medicine MBBS/BSc Medicine
Microbiology BSc
Petroleum Geoscience MSci
Physics and Musical Performance BSc
Physics BSc
Physics MSci
Physics with a Year in Europe MSci
Physics with Theoretical Physics BSc
Physics with Theoretical Physics MSci
Plant Biology BSc
Zoology BSc
Master’s Degree Programs
Actuarial Finance (part-time) MSc
Advanced Chemical Engineering MSc
Advanced Chemical Engineering with Biotechnology MSc
Advanced Chemical Engineering with Process Systems Engineering MSc
Advanced Chemical Engineering with Structured Product Engineering MSc
Advanced Computational Methods for Aeronautics, Flow Management and Fluid-Structure Interaction MSc
Advanced Computing MRes
Advanced Computing MSc
Advanced Materials Science and Engineering MSc
Advanced Mechanical Engineering MSc
Allergy MSc
Allergy PG Cert
Analogue and Digital Integrated Circuit Design MSc
Applied Mathematics MSc
Biochemical Research MRes
Bioimaging Sciences MRes
Bioinformatics and Theoretical Systems Biology MSc
Biomedical Engineering MSc
Biomedical Research(The title of the degree awarded will be MRes Biomedical Research (Cardiovascular Science, Technology and Medicine) or MRes Biomedical Research (Microbial Pathogenesis) depending on the modules studied) MRes
Biosystematics MRes
Cancer Biology MRes
Cardiorespiratory Nursing(part-time) MSc
Cellular Pathology(FT and PT) MRes
Chemical Biology of Crop Sustainability and Protection MRes
Chemical Biology of Health and Disease MRes
Clinical Research Design and Management (PT only) MRes
Communications and Signal Processing MSc
Composites: the Science, Technology and Engineering Application of Advanced Composites MSc
Computing (Architecture) MSc
Computing (Artificial Intelligence) MSc
Computing (Biomedical Applications) MSc
Computing (Computational Management Science) MSc
Computing (Creative Industries) MSc
Computing (Distributed Systems) MSc
Computing (Software Engineering)  MSc
Computing (Theory) MSc
Computing (Visual Information Processing) MSc
Computing for Industry MSc
Computing Science MSc
Concrete Structures and Business Management MSc
Concrete Structures and Sustainable Development MSc
Concrete Structures MSc
Conservation and Forest Protection MSc
Conservation Science MSc
Control Systems MSc
Controlled Quantum Dynamics MRes
Crop Protection Suite(The title of the degree awarded will be Entomology or Integrated Pest Management, according to modules studied) MSc
Drug Discovery and Development: Multidisciplinary Science for Next Generation Therapeutics  MRes
Earthquake Engineering MSc
Ecological Applications MSc
Ecology, Evolution and Conservation (FT and PT) MSc
Ecology, Evolution and Conservation Research (FT and PT) MRes
Engineering Geology for Ground Models and Business Management MSc
Engineering Geology for Ground Models and Sustainable Development MSc
Engineering Geology for Ground Models MSc
Entomology MRes
Entomology(Part of the Crop Protection Suite) MSc
Environmental Engineering and Business Management MSc
Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Development MSc
Environmental Engineering MSc
Environmental Technology MSc
Experimental Neuroscience MRes
Experimental Physiology and Drug Discovery (The title of the degree awarded will be MRes in Experimental Physiology and Drug Discovery (Bioimaging) for those following that pathway) MRes
Finance MSc
General Structural Engineering MSc
Green Chemistry, Energy and the Environment MRes
Health Policy MSc
History of Science, Medicine and Technology  MSc
Human Molecular Genetics MSc
Human Nutrition MRes
Hydrology and Business Management MSc
Hydrology and Sustainable Development MSc
Hydrology and Water Resources Management MSc
Immunology MSc
Infection Management for Pharmacists(part-time only) MSc
Infection Management for Pharmacists(part-time only) PG Cert
Infection Management for Pharmacists(part-time only) PG Dip
Infection(part-time only) MSc
Infection(part-time only) PG Cert
Infection(part-time only) PG Dip
Innovation and Entrepreneurship MSc
Innovation Design Engineering(joint course with RCA – all applications must be made direct to the RCA) MA/MSc
Integrated Crop Pest and Disease Management (FT and PT) MRes
Integrated Pest Management(Part of the Crop Protection Suite) MSc
International Health Management MSc
Management MSc
Mathematics and Finance MSc
MBA (Distance Learning) MBA
MBA (Executive – weekday)
MBAThe full-time MBA course commences in October MBA
Medical Robotics and Image Guided Intervention MRes
Medical Ultrasound(The title of the degree awarded will be Medical Ultrasound or Medical Ultrasound (Echocardiography), according to the subjects studied) MSc
Metals and Energy Finance MSc
Modern Epidemiology MSc
Molecular and Cellular Basis of Infection (as part of the Wellcome 1+3 Infection PhD Programme) MRes
Molecular Biology and Pathology of Viruses MSc
Molecular Medicine MSc
Molecular Plant Biology and Biotechnology MRes
Nanomaterials MRes
Nuclear Engineering MSc
Optics and Photonics MSc
Paediatrics and Child Health MSc
Paediatrics and Child Health PG Cert
Paediatrics and Child Health PG Dip
Petroleum Engineering MSc
Petroleum Geophysics MSc
Petroleum Geoscience MSc
Photonics MRes
Physics MSc
Plant Science and BiotechnologySUSPENDED FOR 2011 ENTRY MSc
Plastic Electronic Materials MRes
Preventive Cardiology (FT and PT) MSc
Preventive Cardiology PG Cert
Preventive Cardiology PG Dip
Public Health MPH
Pure Mathematics MSc
Quality and Safety in Healthcare (part-time) MSc
Quantitative Biology MSc
Quantum Fields and Fundamental Forces MSc
Reproductive and Developmental Biology MSc
Risk Management and Financial Engineering MSc
Science Communication MSc
Science Media Production MSc
Science, Technology, Medicine and Society MSc
Scientific, Technical and Medical Translation with Translation Technology MSc
Shock Physics MSc
Soil Mechanics and Business Management MSc
Soil Mechanics and Engineering Seismology MSc
Soil Mechanics and Environmental Geotechnics MSc
Soil Mechanics and Sustainable Development MSc
Soil Mechanics MSc
Strategic Marketing MSc
Structural Molecular Biology MRes
Structural Steel Design and Business Management MSc
Structural Steel Design and Sustainable Development MSc
Structural Steel Design MSc
Surgical Education MEd
Surgical Science (FT and PT) MSc
Surgical Technology (FT and PT) MSc
Sustainable Energy Futures MSc
Systems and Synthetic Biology MRes
Taxonomy and Biodiversity MSc
Theory and Simulation of Materials MSc
Translational Medicine (FT and PT) MRes
Transport and Business Management MSc
Transport and Sustainable Development MSc
Transport MSc
Doctoral Programs
British Heart Foundation
Cell & Molecular Biology
Centre for Environmental Policy
Chemical Engineering
Civil & Environmental Engineering
Clinical Sciences
Department of Medicine
Department of Surgery and Cancer
Earth Science & Engineering
Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Epidemiology, Public Health & Primary Care
Faculty of Medicine
Graduate School for Life Sciences & Medicine
Grantham Institute for Climate Change
Imperial College Business School
Institute of Global Health Innovation
Mechanical Engineering
Molecular Biosciences
National Heart and Lung Institute

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