Every person has experience of forgetting. Is there anyone who can claim that he has never forgot anything in life? I’m pretty sure that the answer is No. It is absolutely natural, common and normal to forget things. There is nothing to highlight here. Everybody forget things. This might make you thinking that human brain is not that good. But believe it, in this world, nothing is more powerful than the human brain. If you could use your brain 100%, then you would be able to control the whole world. Now the question is, how we can use our brain more and more. For common people, it is quite impossible to use 100% brain. However, we can increase it. First thing comes when we talk about increasing the power of brain is memory. And when the term memory comes, the question rises, how to improve memory? How can we gain super memory? How to memorize everything in no time? Is it possible to memorize everything just hearing it once? All of these answers are coming.

There are lots of ways to increase the power of your memory. Some people call it the way to gain super memory. Some of this super memory gaining methods are scientifically proved and some are still on research level. And there are some ancient methods too, which are very powerful and effective. So, let’s begin.

  1. Power of Thinking Method of Gaining Super Memory:

If you can use the power of imagination, then nothing can stop you from your success. We are shaped by our thought. We are what we think. If you think that you are ugly and keep thinking it, you’ll find yourself ugly (although you are pretty).

Try another one. Take a piece of cake or biscuit. And before eating it, clear your mind from all other thinking and focus on only one thinking. That is the cake you got will cause you serious food poisoning. Keep thinking it and make yourself believing in you. Then eat the cake. You’ll feel something is wrong with your stomach!

Now use this power in some good ways. Think that you are not a common person. Think that you are someone extraordinary. Keep thinking and acting like it. ([intlink id=”345″ type=”post”]Read more[/intlink])


  1. Lego Method of Gaining Super Memory:

The name of this super memory gaining method suggest a little about the description of this method. You know, everything in this world is built with small particle. I’m not going into deep Chemistry. Not going into atomic level. I’m keeping it simple so that you can absorb it easily.

Have you ever played with Lego? Small pieces of Lego used to build beautiful things. When a huge house is made out of Lego, it looks like a real house. But when it is broken into pieces, it is just lots of Legos.

Lego Method of developing super memory is similar. It is difficult to remember a large number of large list. But, if you split it into pieces, then it’ll be automatically be stored in your memory. You don’t have to put any effort on it. Then…[intlink id=”349″ type=”post”]Read More[/intlink]


  1. RR Method of Gaining Super Memory:

This method has risen from the definition of memory. What is memory? We can define it in many ways. But all the definition will focus on same thing. And that is, recalling what have happened, what you’ve seen or what you’ve heard. Another common thing that everyone knows is ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. Combining this tow thing, the RR method is developed. The full meaning of this method is Repetitive Recall Method.

After reading the full name of this method, may be you are thinking doing things repetitively is the main focus of this method. If you are thinking in this way, then you are wrong. The RR Method is a very powerful method and a little difficult to practice… ([intlink id=”363″ type=”post”]Read More[/intlink])


  1. Point of Recalling Method of Gaining Super Memory:

Personally, I like this method very much. This method is easy to practice. Very effective and helped me many of my exams to do well. That is why I like this method very much. This method is relating the thing to be memorize with an already permanently memorized thing.

Suppose, when I saw a child is riding a by-cycle, memory of my first by-cycle comes in my mind. And the memory seems so sharp that it is happening in front of me on a HD TV! Of course you have some memory like this, don’t you? If you can relate something with this unforgettable memories, then both of the memories will be unforgettable. And you’ll be able to memorize anything… ([intlink id=”375″ type=”post”]Read more[/intlink])


  1. Visual Library Method of Gaining Super Memory:

Suppose, you are memorizing something. It could be some homework or something else for your class tomorrow. Suppose, you are doing Geometric Calculus. You are trying to memorizing the laws, but every time it is getting mixed up. The cause is, you are doing it in terms of Alphabet. For example, say sin(a+b)=sina.cosb+cosa.sinb. You are trying to memorize this as a combination of English letter. If you create a visual image of this thing and put it in an imaginary library of your brain, trust me, you’ll never forget it. Even if you try your best, you’ll not be able to forget it! … ([intlink id=”379″ type=”post”]Read more[/intlink])