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Commitment to Higher Education Leadership Scholarships of Walden University Online

Walden University is one of the best online universities. Online university is not a new concept. But it is unknown to many students. There are some difference between online education and off-line education. But there are some advantages of online education. If you get admitted in any of the online courses like online bachelor’s degree program, online master’s degree program or online PhD degree program, you’ll be able to earn your degree of US from your home country. And if it seems the cost of education is very high, then try to achieve some scholarship. Here is a wonderful scholarship scheme details for you…..

Value of the Scholarship:

The most noticeable value of a scholarship is the prestige behind it. Every scholarship is prestigious and defines the level of the student. However, the prize value is not that less. This scholarship includes $25,000 for one year!


  1. Student must enrolled in Walden University
  2. This scholarship is for Master’s degree and PhD degree students.
  3. Must have some achievement in
    helping in higher education.
  4. Must have a place within top 3 students

How to Apply:

Application process of this scholarship is not that difficult. Follow the steps below and apply for this scholarship easily.

  1. First get admitted in Walden University
  2. Then go to the Financial Aid Department or contact with them through e-mail
  3. Ask for ‘Commitment to Higher Education Leadership Scholarship’ application form.
  4. Fill up the application form and submit it to the financial aid department.

Once it is done. You’ll automatically be awarded with the scholarship.

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