Business School Scholarship of University of Washington

Business school scholarship is a scholarship scheme of University of Washington. Those students, who do not possess the effort to pay the education cost can win this scholarship. There are thousands of students like this. Each of them can not be awarded with scholarship. In this case my personal opinion is online education degree program. Those who don’t effort the living cost in US, can earn their degree via online education degree program. There are hundreds of accredited online university, online college, online school offering online college degree, online bachelor degree, online master’s degree, online PhD degree, online classes and so on. You can earn your degree from this online education degree programs if you don’t get the scholarship. The online education degree programs offered by top online universities are really valuable. You can earn your degree from this accredited online universities and accredited online college.

Let’s get back to Business School Scholarship of University of Washington discussion.

Amount of this scholarship:

Normally the value of the scholarship is from $1000 to $2500. Based on need of the student, the might increase up to $10,000. Winner of this scholarship enjoys a full free studentship for 4 years. The education costs are covered by the scholarship. So in short the value of the scholarship:

  1. $1000-$10,000 prize money
  2. Full free studentship
  3. Education cost

The most important feature of this scholarship is education cost coverage. This helps the student most and they can earn their living cost by working. Because living cost is higher than education cost. If one can study here without the living cost, the education expenses would reduced a lot. Online education degree program can help in this way. Although University of Washington is not an online university, there are lots of others accredited online universities, accredited colleges from where you can earn your degree.

Who can apply for this scholarship?

Business scholarship of University of Washington requires some eligibility. The eligibility are:

  • Must be an undergraduate student
  • International students must be enrolled before applying
  • International students who have applied for Foster School( Business School) are eligible for this scholarship
  • Only full time students are eligible
  • Student must complete at least 12 credit hours per semester

This is what you need to be eligible for this scholarship. Are you eligible? If not, don’t be upset. Can’t pay the cost of education in US? Don’t be upset. You still can earn your degree from US living in your home country. You can earn your degree from online education degree programs. Hundreds of online universities, online colleges and online schools from where you can take online classes to earn your online bachelor degree, online master’s degree or online PhD degree. If you failed to get scholarship, try to earn your degree from some top online universities.

Business Scholarship Application Process of University of Washington

How to apply for this scholarship?

To apply for Business Scholarship of University of Washington, you need two things. They are:

  1. User name: netid\your netID
  2. Password: your netID password

Log in to the University application page and apply for this scholarship. That’s how to apply for this scholarship.

The question is: How can you get your ID and Password?

To get your ID and Password you must get admitted in University of Washington first.

So, are you coming to Washington to study here? Is the transportation and living cost is too high for you? If it is, then stay in your home and earn your degree from US. Sounds crazy? You can earn your degree from online education degree programs. Do you know how many accredited online university, accredited online colleges and accredited online schools are there? There are hundreds of online school, online college and online university. You can earn your degree from these online school, online college and online university.

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