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BTK Scholarships in Germany

Deadline: July 18

Scholarship in Germany

Scholarship for Undergraduate Program / Bachelor Degree  Scholarship / Master’s Degree Scholarship

Higher studies in Germany? Definitely an excellent choice. Why? This is what we are going to learn – why higher studies in Germany is a good choice? First of all most of the German universities are tuition free university. If you want to study in Untied States or Canada, the tuition fee will make your life hell. Major portion of your earning will be spent as tuition fee. But in Germany, because of having no tuition fee, you can enjoy a happy student life. The only cost that you have to worry about is the living cost. And of course other educational costs are involved. If you look at the economy of Germany, you will see Germany has $3.68 trillion GDP. And GDP per capita is $ 44,469.91. Unemployment rate is 3.4%. Amazing economic facts about Germany, aren’t’ they? If you study in Germany, obviously you will be able to manage a job. Because the unemployment rate is only 3.4%. So with part-time income, you can pay your living cost and there is no tuition fee in Germany. Moreover, Germany has world class universities with many universities in top rank in world university ranking. So higher studies in Germany means quality education without any tuition fee with the guarantee of job opportunity. And has brought to you another opportunity – scholarship in Germany. You can apply for top universities of Germany from here.

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Amount of Scholarship:

There are up to nine partial scholarships to be awarded for the duration of one semester.

Who Can Apply for this Scholarship?

The following criteria must be met in order for applicants to be eligible for scholarship:

a) BTK scholarships are awarded based on performance.

b) Students who apply should meet the following criteria:

  • Excellent academic performance as demonstrated by current GPA, which should be at least 1.7 (The funding board has records of students’ academic performance, so applicants do not need to provide them. In case of doubt whether this criterion can be fulfilled, grades can be inquired after at the examination office.) The following criteria are used for the assessment „content“, „form “ and „artistic or social relevance “ and are weighted with 3 out of 5 points.
  • Portfolio of own artistic or academic work, work done to meet course requirements, and work done outside of BTK’s academic programs
  • Extracurricular involvement at BTK (such as involvement in university policymaking as a student representative or representing the university externally) or community involvement outside the university. This criterion is weighted with 2 out of 5 points.

c) The scholarship committee can award up to 25 per cent of the funding to students to students with special economic needs. The criteria listed above still apply in such cases, the applications are not in competition with regular applications Proof of need is the responsibility of the applicant.

Social economic needs are generally provided by proof of funding according to the Federal Training Promotion Act (BAföG). In other cases, e.g. disease, the particular need may also be determined by other means, e.g. certificates. In any case, a personal statement must also be submitted. If there are no applications for hardship cases, the total funds are allocated according to § 2 (2).

d) Scholarships are only awarded to students who have no debt with BTK at the time the scholarships are awarded. Therefore a revised version respectively a new application is to be handed in.

College Admission Requirement

Entrance Requirements: Excellent academic performance as demonstrated by current GPA, which should be at least 1.7.

English Language Requirements: Applicants whose first language is not English are usually required to provide evidence of proficiency in English at the higher level required by the University.

How to Apply for this Scholarship?

The following documents have to be sent (only in digital form!) for a successful application:

  • Application form
    • letter of motivation
    • name of a tutor or professor to act as your contact/reference (no letter of recommendation needed!)
    • proof of artistic/scientific achievements: small portfolio comprised of works form previous semesters (one or two projects as a PDF document)
    • proof of social commitment at BTK or outside of university within the last two semesters (listed in tabular form). Please make sure to follow the formal criteria.
    • if applicable: information about other funding you applied for or are already receiving (not relevant for granting of this scholarship
    • In case you want to apply for a scholarship according to § 2 Abs. 3 of the guidelines (special economic and/or social needs), please hand in also the corresponding proves.

Application Form

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