Benefits of International Leader of Tomorrow Award

International Leader of Tomorrow is a scholarship scheme of University of British Columbia, Canada for international students. There are thousands of international students who possess outstanding leadership power and demonstrate the potential to build a better future. University of British Columbia, Canada wants these students to reach their maximum efficiency. That is why International Leader of Tomorrow Award is provided. The benefits of this scholarship are:

  1. Transportation Allowance– Winner of this scholarship will receive a transportation cost if his/her financial condition doesn’t effort the transportation cost.
  2. Living Allowance– Living in Canada as an International Student is costly. If the selected student’s financial condition is not high enough to pay the living cost, this scholarship will bear the living costs.
  3. Tuition Fee Reduction up to 100%– Based on the financial condition of the winner student, the tuition fees are reduced. The reduction may be up to 100%

These are the benefits of this scholarship. All these facilities will be provided for three years of undergraduate education period. The scholarship is extendable for one additional year if necessary.

Check Whether You are Eligible or Not : Eligibility

-How to Apply


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