Benefit of Donald A.Wehrung Award for International Students

The benefits of Donald A.Wehrung Award for International students are:

  1. Tuition Fee: This scholarship winner will enjoy a full free tuition scholarhsip or partial tuition scholarhsip based on the financial needs and ability of the student.
  2. Living Allowance: Living in Canada is costly. If the student is unable to bear the cost of living in Canada and his/her family doesn’t have the condition to send living cost to him/her, this scholarship will cover the living cost
  3. Other Financial Support: Health related costs, transportation costs, educational accessories costs etc will be covered by the scholarhsip too if necessary.

Applicant may receives all of this facilities or some of these facilities. What will be awarded depends on the need of the scholarship winner student’s condition.

Getting interested for this scholarship? Why don’t give it a try? Know how to apply from the link below.

How to Apply


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