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Bacconi International Scholarship

Bacconi University is private university of Italy. It is located in Milan. Bacconi University was established in 1902. The history of this university is more than 100 years old. For all these years long, this university has been operating their academic activities with dignity and fame. There are lots of students who are now famous and popular in corporate world, graduated from Bacconi University. Now, this university is looking for campus diversity. Bacconi University wants student from all over the country to study here and make the campus a true international campus. That is why, Bacconi University is offering Bacconi Scholarship.

Scholarship in Italy

This scholarship is for both undergraduate students and graduate students. Students who are pursuing undergraduate degree like bachelors degree or honors degree can apply for it. At the same time, students who are studying graduate programs like Master of Science of Master of Business Administration can also apply. The future students are welcomed too.