Arizona State University Admission Process, Tuition Fee, Scholarship

Arizona State University is a public metropolitan research university. It is located in Tempe, Arizona, United States of America. University of Arizona is also known as ASU. As a matter of fact, ASU is more popular name than Arizona State University. This university was established in 1885. Arizona State University has both regular campus and online campus. Including both campus it has around 63,000 students. Among them 58,000 are undergraduate students and 13,000 are graduate students. Because of having multiple campus in multiple location and online online education system concurrently, University of Arizona has this huge number of students. To support this large number students, there around 3000 academic staffs working in this university.

In world ranking, Arizona State University is at 100th position. In national ranking, the position of Arizona 49th. That means both world wide and in United States, Arizona State University is a top ranked University. This university has online version as well. In online university ranking Arizona State University is in 3rd position.

In this section of we will learn about the tuition fees and scholarship of Arizona State University. Although our main focus is on scholarship, how to apply for scholarship in Arizona State University and tuition fees, we have covered the admission process of Arizona State University too. We have also presented the statistical data of Arizona State University about the student profile, campus life and more. Whatever you need to know about Arizona State University to decide whether to get admitted here or not is here in

  1. Admission Process
  2. Tuition Fee and Scholarship
  3. Education Programs
  4. Campus Life
  5. Student Profile

If you want to study in USA, Arizona State University is a very good choice. This university is within the top ranked university of the world. Moreover, the employment rate of Arizona State University graduates are very high. So if you graduate from Arizona State University you will be well off. That is why if you want to study in United States of America and want to earn a degree from here, you should go for Arizona State University. If tuition fee is stopping you, don’t worry. Simply look into the Tuition Fee & Scholarship section of this post. There are lots of scholarship available in Arizona State University. Although tuition fee in USA is high, but higher studies in USA can be affordable if you can earn a scholarship in Arizona State University.

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