AISS: ACER International Student Scholarship of University of Sydney

AISS stands for ACER International Student Scholarship. This scholarship is for undergraduate students. Those who want to study their undergraduate courses in University of Sydney to earn their degree, are eligible for this scholarship. However, not all the undergraduate student can apply for this. Only those students who are international students and those who are enrolled in Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA) are eligible for this amazing scholarship award. The benefit of this scholarship goes to a little portion of thousands of students. And the portion is the students of Bachelors of Business Administration (BBA). That is why, the competition is much less than other scholarship schemes. And it filters the national students out. So, only international students remain to compete for this scholarship. This scholarship is awarded once a year. Those who are interested to complete their undergraduate program on business in Australia and already moved in Australia and have permit to stay in Australia for more than 5 years and intended to earn their degree, but facing financial difficulties, for them this scholarship is awarded. The prize money of this scholarship is $50,000. It is a huge amount of money. However, those who have earned this scholarship, cannot use this money as they wish. This prize money can only be used as tuition fees. It means, AISS winners don’t have to pay any tuition fees for four years and they can earn their degree totally expensing a penny.

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Benefit of the Scholarship:

This scholarship opens a way of complete the undergraduate degree program in business (BBA) without paying any tuition fees. This scholarship comes in turns of money which is only usable as tuition fees.

  1. $50,000 as tuition fees for four years.


To be considered as eligible for this scholarship, there are several requirements that a student must fulfill. They are:

  1. To apply for this scholarship, applicant must be an undergraduate degree program student.
  2. The applicant must be enrolled in Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) education degree program in University of Sydney.
  3. To Apply for this scholarship, applicant must be from outside Australia and New Zealand

These are the requirements to be fulfilled by the students to be considered as eligible for this scholarship.

How to Apply:

This scholarship not organized by the University of Sydney. It is organized by ACER. So, to apply for this business student scholarship, you have to apply through ACER. The application process is not complex. All you have to do is to go to the website of ACER, click on the ‘Apply for Scholarship’ tab and follow the instruction. Click on the link below to apply directly from here.

Apply For this Scholarship

This scholarship is offered once a year. If the application process is closed, you have to wait for the next year scholarship offer.

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