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Advancing Public Health Excellence (APEX) Scholarships

Walden University is one of the leading online universities of the world. As a part of spreading higher education through out the world, Walden University offers a lot scholarships. Once of the scholarship schemes of Walden University is Advancing Public Health Excellence Scholarship. This scholarship is not a scholarship but a group of scholarships for the student who are studying public health related subjects in Walden University.

What this Scholarship Offers:

There are five different scholarships under this scholarship scheme. All of the scholarship of this schemes is for public health students.

  1. Public Health Advocate Scholarship
  2. Public Health Leader Scholarship
  3. Public Health Mentor Scholarship
  4. Public Health Executive Scholarship
  5. Public Health Visionary Scholarship

These are the five scholarship that students of public health department have who are studying public health in Walden University.

Value of these Scholarship:

All of this scholarship carry same value. For BSc students, the scholarship is a full free tuition fee scholarship. And for those who are doing MSc or PhD, this scholarship is extended to $10,000 with full free tuition fees.

  1. Full free tuition fee
  2. Full free tuition fee + $10,000 for students of MSc and PhD.


  1. Applicant must be a student of Walden’s B.S. in Public Health, MPH, MS in Health Education and Promotion, Doctor of Public Health (DrPH) or Ph.D. in Public Health program.
  2. Only newly enrolled student are eligible for this scholarship.
  3. Current student of Walden University cannot participate in this program.
  4. Students, who already got some other scholarship offers from Walden University are not eligible.

These are all eligibility that a student must possess in order to participate in this scholarship program.

How to Apply:

The scholarship application process of Walden University is a lengthy and complex process. It is actually a series of processes. Click on the link below and follow the steps shown. It’ll make the application process a little easier.

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