ACU National Student Association – Student Travel and Training Scholarship (STTS)

Scholarship Name:  ACU National Student Association – Student Travel and Training Scholarship (STTS)

 Scholarship for:  Bachelor Degree (Honours), Bachelor Degree (Pass), Doctor Degree (By Coursework), Doctor Degree (By Research), Master Degree (By Coursework), Master Degree (By Research), Primary school studies

 Amount Paid:  The scholarship is valued at $500, paid in one lump sum.

 Eligibility:  Applicants must be

undergraduate or postgraduate (coursework) students, undertaking a conference, humanitarian activity, practicum, or other training.

How to Apply:

Scholarship Website: (opens in new window)

Contact Information:

Contact Title:  Student Centre

Contact Department:  Melbourne Campus (St Patrick’s)

Contact Phone:  61 3 99533062

Contact Fax:  61 3 99533115

Contact Email:

Contact Postal Address:  Student Centre, ACU, Locked Bag 4115, Fitzroy, VIC 3065 Australia


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