In 2010, we started a student counseling center. It was known as Student Care and became famous within several months. There are hundreds of students around the world, who are leading a successful career by the help of our organization. Most of the students came to us for counseling, came to know about scholarship and easy way to get any scholarship. That is why in 2006 we change the name of our organization as Scholarship Care.

Since 2011, we are serving students, who are dedicated to build a successful career. We help the students for free. Up to 2011, there were 563 students who got scholarship by our counseling. Every day we serve more than 50 students and show them the path which is right for them.

We are 8 friends, who are running this organization. And there are 168 agents we have in our organization to collect the information and analyze them in such a way, so that we can find the best scholarship opportunity for the students. We are dedicated to help anyone who needs help.

Nuruzzaman Faruqui, the founder of the organization ‘Scholarship Care’ and the most active and dedicated person of this organization. He is the donor of all the expenses of this organization.

Our goal is to help students to build a better future.