Educational Development Scholarships

Walden University is a very popular and well-known online university. As an online university, Walden University has earned a huge reputation. The main reason of this reputation is the standard of education. Their education standard in very high and they also help the meritorious students to do better. That is why Walden University online provides more than $1,000,000 scholarship every year. Education Development Scholarships is one of the scholarship schemes of this university.

Value of the Scholarship:

Education Development Scholarships includes:

  1. Prize money of $4000
  2. Full free tuition for one year
  3. Student worker opportunities


This scholarship is available for the students who are doing any of the following courses-

  • Adult Learning(Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • College Teaching and Learning(Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Developmental Education (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Early Childhood Administration, Management, and Leadership (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Early Childhood Advocacy and Public Policy (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Elementary Reading and Literacy (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Engaging Culturally Diverse Learners (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Enrollment Management and Institutional Marketing (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Higher Education Leadership for Student Success(Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Integrating Technology in the Classroom (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Mathematics K–6 (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Mathematics 5–8 (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Online Teaching for Adult Educators (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Professional Development (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Science K–8 (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Special Education (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Teacher Leadership (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Teaching Adults English as a Second Language (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Teaching Adults in the Early Childhood Field (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Teaching English Language Learns K—12 (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Teaching and Diversity in Early Childhood Education (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)
  • Teaching K–12 Students Online (Bachelor,MS,M.Phil)

to get Education Development Scholarship student meet the following conditions-

  1. New enrolled student of Walden University
  2. Haven’t get any scholarship from Walden yet
  3. Have no relationship the scholarship committee

How to Apply:

The application process of Education Development
Scholarships is a series of
processes. Follow the steps given below to apply:

  • First of all, You need to call enrollment advisor at 1-866-492-5336 to receive an official scholarship nomination form.
  • Then you need to submit an essay. The essay must be less than 1000 word. The essay must be related with the following things:
    • A specific current challenge in your professional or personal life that you would like to overcome.
    • How continuing your education would help you overcome this challenge.
    • How this would create a positive impact for those around you (students, co-workers, community, etc.).
  • Then you have to submit a recommendation latter.
  • After that, submit a CV
  • The email all this things to

All required information must be provided in order for a nomination to be considered. Applicants may be contacted by phone to confirm the authenticity of information submitted.