Ann “Tunky” Riley Excellence in K–12 Education Scholarships of Walden University Online

Walden University is an accredited online university. It is more reputed as online university than on campus university. There are some advantages of online education. The first thing is, Walden University Online is an US university. So, if you get admitted in online bachelor’s degree, online master’s degree or in online PhD degree programs, you can earn your degree from US living in your home country. So you don’t need to pay extra living and transportation cost. Walden University Online has lots of scholarship programs and here is one for you. This scholarship is for both online education and off-line education.

Value of the Scholarship:

This scholarship is very valuable. It is not only prestigious, but also worth a lot of money. The price value of this scholarship is $25,000!


To get this scholarship, student must be eligible. The eligibility are:

  1. Student of Bachelor’s degree, Master’s Degree or PhD degree are eligible.
  2. Applicant must be a new student
  3. Must have leadership power and tendency to help classmates, colleagues and leaning communities
  4. Student must enroll Walden K-2 Education Degree Program

How to Apply:

To apply for this scholarship, student must get enrolled in this university first. Once they are student of Walden University, they are allowed to apply for this scholarship. Once you are admitted, you can apply for this scholarship via online application form

This opportunity is for both online students and off-line students. Those who are doing online bachelor’s degree, online master’s degree or online PhD degree, can participate in this program. Those who are doing bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or PhD degree on campus are eligible for this scholarship too.